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The courses focus on introducing and deepening the understanding of the Convergent Facilitation process and principles. To join a live event take a look at Upcoming Offerings by CF Providers.

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  • When we commit to making decisions that work for everyone, we often discover habits and ways of thinking that get in the way. Many people find it difficult to fully take in what matters to others without giving up on their own perspective. We also tend to get stuck because we cannot imagine a solution that would care for everyone’s needs. In this workshop, we've explored pathways for transforming inner obstacles to integration.

  • Would you like to support others – and yourself – in gently moving toward more shared understanding and integration without requiring anyone to agree on values or how we speak?

  • What Could You Make Possible If You Told A Different Story? When we want to bring people together around a shared purpose, we can frame or reframe any situation with stories that invite more choice, connection, and integration. When we facilitate, these stories create a foundation for making decisions that care for everyone’s needs.

  • At the Convergent Facilitation (CF) Intensive we offered a comprehensive introduction to collaborative decision making. We would love for more people to learn Convergent Facilitation and we understand not everyone can attend a live workshop, so we chose to make the recordings and materials availabe.