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Upcoming Offerings by CF Providers

Paul Kahawatte
Verene Nicolas

This course is an in depth introduction to Convergent Facilitation—a powerful approach to facilitating collaborative decision making. It holds massive potential for those working to bring communities, stakeholders and movements together to address our most challenging problems.

Dates and times:

  • Plus additional weekly practice sessions

Given that this is an introductory course primarily orienting to people who are completely new to Convergent Facilitation the course page lives on our new(!) outward facing website at

Roni Wiener
Verene Nicolas

Join Roni and Verene on .


This event has already happened. You can find the recordings of the event here: CF Workshop: Transforming Inner Obstacles to Integrating Everyone's Needs w/ Roni & Verene (2023).

When we commit to making decisions that work for everyone, we often discover habits and ways of thinking that get in the way. Many people find it difficult to fully take in what matters to others without giving up on their own perspective. We also tend to get stuck because we cannot imagine a solution that would care for everyone’s needs.

In this workshop, we’ll explore pathways for transforming inner obstacles to integration. We plan to focus on one or two challenges in three core areas: holding our own needs without attachment, fully taking in the needs of others, and opening to creativity.

Our Global Co-Creation Community on Hylo

Below you see how our global community is distributed (updated Sep 2023). Explore the live map here: Hylo/Convergent Facilitation Group/Map. If you are not part of our collaborative community space on Hylo find out how to join here: Co-Create on Hylo.

map of locations of community members

Hear from Lisa on why bother Learning Convergent Facilitation