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Find your Way to Engage

four spheres

Grow your own or others' Convergent Facilitation capacity within our three different capacity building spheres:

Support, maintain and shape the community engagement, agreements and infrastructure that make the above three spheres possible:

You can participate in as many spheres as you would like to (of those you have access to). Which sphere you want to engage in depends on what you want to do and what your capacity and integration is. Wherever and how you choose to engage we invite you to join us in co-creating a learning web with us on Hylo: Co-Create with us on Hylo hylo menu bar logo.


This How-To-Engage section contains a lot of content and we recommend exploring it on your computer with a large screen. Use the in the top bar to get an overview of all categories and pages in this section on your mobile device.

Experience and Embody πŸŒ±β€‹

With this sphere we want to support anyone who wants to learn something new in relation to Convergent Facilitation to experience and embody (live) it. We believe that before you bring something to others, it is important that you integrate it enough within your own being first. So this sphere is where we imagine people to engage when they are new to Convergent Facilitation, but also whenever people come back to learning something that is entirely new to them or they have little integration of it.

This sphere is open to anyone who's interested in engaging with itβ€”just get started with it.

πŸ‘‰ Get started within the Experience and Embody sphere

Apply and Apprentice πŸŒΏβ€‹

Once you have a sense of sufficient embodiment (of some aspects) of Convergent Facilitation, we invite you to start engaging within the Apply and Apprentice sphere. This one focuses on applying Convergent Facilitation from within a web of apprentices and experienced Convergent Facilitation practitioners. You are invited to bring your challenges from your Convergent Facilitation projects to the community, ask for coaching, receive support and apprentice with more experienced CF facilitators and/or invite less experienced facilitators into your own projects.

Access: Open to Anyone with Self-Assessment​

There is no structural barrier to engaging within this sphere and we still want you to take serious that to apply (aspects of) CF, we want you to first live it/them. For now this all we can offer you as guidance for self-assessment, we are working on a self-assessment matrix that will make this easier in the future.

πŸ‘‰ Get started with the Apply and Apprentice sphere

Coach and Teach πŸŒ³β€‹

The Coach and Teach sphere holds the lineage of Convergent Facilitation originating from Miki Kashtan. Coaching and teaching Convergent Facilitation is held within what is called the Lineage Experiment within the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) Community. Courses, workshops and coaching calls offered in this community are from within the lineage of Miki Kashtan. Currently, there is no capacity to train and endorse Convergent Facilitation practitioners as coaches and teachers outwith NGL's "Lineage Experiment". It might be possible in time if you are involved in an apprenticeship with a coach who is part of this lineage, and as long as they are also get engaged in NGL. At this point, therefore, there is no accessible pathway to get trained and endorsed as a Convergent Facilitation coach and teacher within the CF community.

Access: Currently closed to new people​

We are currently still developing the pathway for experienced CF facilitators to join this sphere, and for now we are not open to invite anyone into it. We will update here once this changes.

πŸ‘‰ Learn about the goals in this sphere: Coach and Teach

Steward and Contribute πŸŒžβ€‹

The stewarding of Convergent Facilitation as an approach to integrative decision making, as well as the CF community, is held by the Convergent Facilitation Holding team from within the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) Community. The Holding team is currently complete and not looking for new members. Team meetings can be observed by all members of the NGL community (anyone can become a Friend).

In addition to the Holding team, a number of sub-teams exist that members of the Convergent Facilitation community are invited to join if they wish to contribute. This doesn't require being part of NGL. These teams are looking for new members and contributors!

Access: Open to Anyone with Co-Discernment with Stewarding Teams​

We'd love for you to join us in the stewarding! Whether it actually makes sense for you to join one or more teams and pick up one or more functions, we would like to figure this out together with you.

πŸ‘‰ Find out about the goals in this sphere, what's there to do and what skills are needed: Steward and Contribute