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Workshop: Just enough input — Choosing supportive thresholds

Roni Wiener
Verene Nicolas

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In this workshop, we invite you to bring more awareness and choice into setting thresholds. We will support you to hone your skills so you can more easily come up with helpful language when you need it.

Session 1:
Session 2:

When we ask questions or make requests, our wording and delivery deeply influence the responses we receive. How can we use thresholds effectively to support movement, collaboration, and connection?

The term threshold refers to encouraging or limiting the likelihood of people responding or objecting. In Convergent Facilitation, we aim to use thresholds that invite “just enough” interaction so we can move towards a decision without leaving anyone behind. We adjust our thresholds to help people speak up or step back depending on what serves the group the most in each moment. Supportive thresholds help the group stay together and save time by focusing on information that moves us forward.


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Or reach out to the workshop organizers directly at

1st session (Jun 05): Content sharing and live practice

Topics will likely include:

  • Becoming more aware of thresholds
  • Noticing how different thresholds affect the space
  • Discerning what threshold to use in the moment, based on
    • what is needed and possible in the space
    • what kind of responses you want
    • what you intend to do with the information you receive
  • Shaping thresholds with words, energy, and context
  • Adjusting your threshold based on responses

2nd session (Jun 12): Q&A and more practice

In the second session, we plan to explore any questions that came up for you in your week of practice and engage in additional practice.

Request for financial support

We are offering this workshop within our gift economy principles. This means that we plan to share with you the financial needs of providers, organizers, and the community, and then invite you to gift as much as you can without overstretching or resentment. It’s really important to us that you don’t overstretch. Even if you have no capacity to give us anything, you are more than welcome to participate.

Additional requests

We are sharing our requests and recommendations to support you in deciding how to attend to your needs and ours. These are not requirements, and we welcome your presence however you choose to join us.

  • Spread the word: Please support us in spreading nonviolence by inviting your friends.
  • Prepare a space: We suggest trying to arrange a comfortable physical space with reliable internet access that will support you in being present and focused.
  • Prepare for learning: We invite you to arrive with openness to trying new things, making mistakes, and maybe even risking some vulnerability and discomfort.
  • Ask for support: If you have questions or need something, please let us know.

About Roni & Verene

Roni Wiener

Portrait Roni Wiener

Roni advocates for personal empowerment and social change through coaching, teaching, consulting, and activism. They enjoy sharing their passion and insights in diverse settings and scales, from small groups to large organizations. Roni's life journey includes two decades of consulting focused on transforming collaboration practices, extensive work in technology projects and design, and an interdisciplinary degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Gender Studies. They offer fun and interactive workshops on topics ranging from process improvement and project planning to nonviolence, relationships, and sexual health. At other times, Roni may be found on the dance floor, at the beach, cuddling, playing games, engaging in deep conversations, writing an unpublished blog, and plotting global liberation. For more information, visit Roni’s website

Verene Nicolas

Portrait Verene Nicolas

Verene is an experienced facilitator and certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication. She has delivered training and facilitated group decisions in many grassroots contexts. Her immersion in the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) community where CF is practiced daily gives her a deep grounding in the power of this approach to sustain ‘radical collaboration’ across differences of all sorts.

Verene will support Roni in designing and delivering this workshop, as well as supporting participants in their learning journey. She and other members of the CF Holding Team within NGL will provide administrative and logistical support for the course.