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All Convergent Facilitation resources and events are offered as a gift, so that everyone can make use of them and participate in them regardless of how much access to resources they already have.

We invite you to contribute an amount that’s the most you can give without overstretching or feeling resentful. What you contribute supports the ongoing stewarding of the Convergent Facilitation infrastructure, resources and projects, attends to the sustainability of the coaches, and brings more Convergent Facilitation projects into the world.

Give via Paypal

The most straight forward way is currently to donate via Paypal. Choose a one-time or recurring donation.

Give via Paypal

Pledge and give directly

Three times a year, we are making visible what we need as the group of Convergent Facilitation stewards and coaches to continue and grow what we offer and ask the community to give what they have capacity and willingness for to give. To reweave the human fabric we want to flow resources through organisational entities only when necessary, and rather flow them directly between individuals whenever possible—from those who have resources and are willing to give to those who need resources. Whenever we makes these requests, people usually pledge an amount and once we decided where this amount should go, we connect the giver and the receiver directly. It's really quite touching to receive such a gift directly from someone! Given that this is slightly more work than for everyone involved we would like you to do this only if are you intending to give more than ~100$.

Fund us

We believe that Convergent Facilitation has the potential to contribute in a very practical way to realign local to global decision making with life, so that our planet will serve as a home to humanity and all of life for much longer. Take a look at what we are planning in detail here: . If you are interested in flowing larger amounts of resources our way please reach out to us.