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[PAST EVENT] Core Skills Workshop: Transforming inner obstacles to integrating everyone’s needs

Roni Wiener
Verene Nicolas

Join Roni and Verene on .


This event has already happened. You can find the recordings of the event here: CF Workshop: Transforming Inner Obstacles to Integrating Everyone's Needs w/ Roni & Verene (2023).

When we commit to making decisions that work for everyone, we often discover habits and ways of thinking that get in the way. Many people find it difficult to fully take in what matters to others without giving up on their own perspective. We also tend to get stuck because we cannot imagine a solution that would care for everyone’s needs.

In this workshop, we’ll explore pathways for transforming inner obstacles to integration. We plan to focus on one or two challenges in three core areas: holding our own needs without attachment, fully taking in the needs of others, and opening to creativity.

Common questions we may engage with:

  • How can I connect with people's needs when they advocate for beliefs that I don't share, say others are wrong, criticize me, or insist that their way is the only right option?
  • What can I do when I don't understand what is going on for the other person or they don't make any sense?
  • How can I find out about someone's needs when they say they don’t matter, refuse to share them, or don’t follow our conversation agreements?
  • How do I keep my heart open when I believe that people don't care about my needs?
  • What can I do when people hear my needs as demands or think that I am selfish?
  • What if it's not possible to care for others’ needs without giving up on mine?
  • What can I do when I have no idea how to find an integrative solution?
  • What if people come up with solutions that I believe are not fair?

Not sure yet if this is for you? Wanting to connect with others who are also intending to come? Engage with this event on Hylo: Transforming Inner Obstacles w/ Roni & Verene.

Not yet on Hylo? Find out more: Co-Create on Hylo.

What happens after I decide to participate?

We will send you an email with the Zoom link and more information at least one week prior to the event and a reminder just before the event. Click here to add this event to your Google calendar.

Request for financial support

If you are willing and able, please support the sustainability of this offering and the CF ecosystem by sending a financial gift.

  • Receiving US$ 2500 in total (from all participants) cares for our basic material needs
  • Receiving US$ 4000 in total (from all participants) cares for all of our needs and expenses
  • Receiving US$ 6000 in total (from all participants) would in addition support the stewarding of the CF community and other projects in the CF ecosystem

So far we received ~ US$ 1839 (updated Nov 30 2023).

Additional requests

We are sharing our requests and recommendations to support you in deciding how to attend to your needs and ours. These are not requirements, and we welcome your presence however you choose to join us.

  • Spread the word: Please support us in spreading nonviolence by inviting your friends and by sharing about this workshop on Facebook.
  • Prepare a space: We suggest trying to arrange a comfortable physical space with reliable internet access that will support you in being present and focused.
  • Prepare for learning: We invite you to arrive with openness to trying new things, making mistakes, and maybe even risking some vulnerability and discomfort.
  • Ask for support: If you have questions or need something, please let us know.

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