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Co-Create a Learning Web with us on Hylo


Once you've signed up to Hylo use the shortcut in the top menu bar to jump back in: hylo menu bar logo

Why join us on Hylo​

We want to foster a community of practitioners who co-create pathways and resources for people to build Convergent Facilitation capacity. We are currently experimenting with the community platform Hylo to see if it helps to create the co-creation we want to see happening. Hylo is a new emerging platform for community organisations. It focuses on needs-orientation, data privacy and cross-community collaboration. Hylo's mission is to empower communities to build a world that works for everyone.

Sign up​

  1. Create your account on Hylo πŸ‘‰
  2. Join our Convergent Facilitation group on Hylo πŸ‘‰

Set up your profile​

Hylo offers some great features for making connections. To make this community engaging for everyone, we propose that you first setup your Hylo profile.

  • Upload a profile picture, so people can more easily relate to you as a human being
  • Write something that you would like others to know about you in 'About me', like what you are currently working on, what you hope to offer, or what support you might need
  • Add your location, so you will show up on the Convergent Facilitation Community Map and others will know how close you are to them. Make sure you select a location from the drop-down menu (rather than just typing it):

Hylo Add Location Profile

Adjust notifications to work for you​

To make sure that you become aware of what's happening in the CF community on Hylo, pick notification settings that work best for you: Hylo Notification Settings.

We recommend that you pick 'daily' for the email digests for the new posts so that you can join conversations when they happen. For notifications on comments (only for your own posts or other posts that have already engaged with in some way), you can choose if you want to get notified through email, the app or not at all.

First steps​

To get an understanding of what is happening in the Convergent Facilitation Hylo group, we propose that you click through the group menu (see image), which will give you a good sense of what is possible - we love the Map feature 😍! If you are feeling lost, the Stream feature is always a good place to come back to or get started.

If you would like to get the full picture of what is possible with Hylo, you can read the full list of features in the Hylo Feature Spec.

Screenshot Hylo Group Menu

Additional resources about Hylo​

If you want to learn more about what you can do and how you can engage with Hylo, please take a look at the Hylo User Guide (external link) offered by the team building Hylo.