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Participate in Practice Groups

Find and join a Practice Group

👉 To join a CF Practice Group look for events called "Practice Group" on our Community Calendar.

You don't need to sign up. You can just join those sessions via the link in the event. If this is a bit intimidating because you don't know the group yet, we invite you to find the event on the calendar from within our collaborative learning space on Hylo, and let people know you are intending to join through a comment.

If you'd like to receive invites to your email address for practice groups and other events scheduled by the community on Hylo, you can receive Calendar Invites.

Why participate in an online Practice Group

There are many shifts on many levels that most of us will need to go through to become effective Convergent Facilitators. Similarly, we'll need a lot of practice to be able to steer and support a group in finding a decision that works for everyone. You can do a lot of this work on your own but will likely reach a limit at some point. Stepping straight into holding an actual process might be beyond what you can do and might not serve the group you want to support either. If you have done a CF course with a group of people and have started to practice together—great! If not, we recommend joining a Practice Group offered by someone who has some experience already in applying Convergent Facilitation.

Practice Groups offer endless opportunities to try and fail, and learn, and try again... —without this creating impacts on anybody. You can choose how you want to engage: endorsing a role as a participant in a CF process or taking on the facilitator's hat (even if only for 5 minutes).

Also, you get to talk to people who are already doing the work that you would love to do in the field. There is a lot to learn from them.

Who is offering them

Practice Groups are generally offered by someone who has some experience of applying CF in the world and will be able to bring real-life challenges into the group. They also bring practices and examples from coaching calls, courses or workshops offered by our experienced Convergent Facilitators that they themselves participate in.