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Offer a Practice Group

Why offer a Practice Group​

As someone who has engaged in the field and gathered some Convergent Facilitation experience, we invite you to offer an online Practice Group to the community. You will be holding the space, scheduling the call and bringing real-life challenges from your field of application or imagining practice scenarios to practice with.

We see offering a Practice Group as a powerful step for you to co-hold your work together with others, digest and harvest previous facilitations as well as being able to practice and experiment for upcoming processes. It is also in service to people who are still new on their learning journey. Practising with a person who is bringing their real challenges from the field provides a powerful learning opportunity for everybody.

Preparatory steps to offering a Practice Group​

Decide on when and how often​

Some practice groups are ongoing, but they don't have to. Schedule something that suits your needs and availability. Prior to scheduling it, you could post an offering on Hylo to ask who would be interested and what times and days might generally work for people. Our community is scattered across the globe so you will likely find people at any time of our 24 hour day πŸ˜‰

Find a place (e.g. Zoom) to offer your session​

If you have Zoom room or other service that you want to use for this feel free to do so. If you need a Zoom room, you can use our Community Zoom Room.

Optional: Folder for materials and recordings​

If you'd welcome having a shared folder / notes document for your group, we invite you to make use of our Community Cloud Storage:

  • create a folder within CF Practice Groups on our Open Access Community Storage if you don't mind others who are not participating in the practice group accessing it (note, it is possible to move this later to restricted access if needed)
  • ask for a private folder within our Restricted Access Community Storage if you want to protect sensitive content or imagine that this would create a safer space for you group.

Draft your title and description​


We recommend that you chose a title

  • that has "CF Practice Group" in it so that people know that it is a CF Practice Group
  • that has your name in it, so that people can easily recognize it
  • possibly says something about the context
  • has a maximum of 50 characters (that's the limit for post titles on Hylo)

For example:

  • CF Practice Group w/ Menaka: CF in Communities (46 characters)
  • CF Practice Group w/ Fabian: CF with Children (45 characters)

Post your Practice Group event(s) on our Community Calendar​

If you haven't joined our collaborative community space on Hylo now is the time to do so: Co-Create a Learning Web with us on Hylo.

If you haven't scheduled anything on our Community Calendar before, we recommend taking a look at our Schedule Events page.

Things you need before posting your Practice Group on Hylo

  • A title
  • A description
  • A zoom room
  • Optional: A public or private for notes, recordings and other materials
  • Excitment to be stepping in this space!

Some notes on posting on Hylo:

  • Unfortunately, events cannot repeat yet. If your practice group happens more than once, you will need to schedule each event manually.