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Aya Caspi

Functions: Facilitating

Languages: English, Hebrew

I have led Convergent Facilitation processes in a variety of settings including at a high school to create a new tardiness policy, with a family of four siblings deciding how to distribute a parent’s estate, at a theater in deciding how to navigate rehearsals for a play and within my own family. I have taught Convergent Facilitation with the NVC Academy and in China (via Zoom). I love Convergent Facilitation because it transforms both coercion and consensus and allows for effectivity and inclusion to happen simultaneously.

I am a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication based in Grass Valley, CA. I have dedicated myself to applying radical, uncompromising nonviolence in every small detail of life, starting with the ongoing laboratory of my family, including my three children. I continually grapple with the joys and challenges of being raised in Israel and find deep meaning and hope in applying NVC to the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its effect on the regional community.

I have worked in settings as varied as BayNVC Leadership program, schools [1], family and business coaching and mediation, couple counseling, and promoting Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.

I have been teaching Nonviolent Communication over the past 13 years via online classes, workshops and retreats in the US and around the world. Find out more at

Learn about a CF process that I lead at Ghidotti High School in this 13-minute video.

Fabian Kirsch

Functions: Stewarding

Languages: English, German

I thrive in places where the depth of our humanness and systems design come together. While I'm learning to facilitate and teach Convergent Facilitation processes I'm currently focusing on making all the amazing Convergent Facilitation resources that are already available more easily accessible.

Magda Baranska

Functions: Facilitating and Coaching

Languages: English, Polish

My passion is supporting people in mutual understanding and finding solutions that work for everyone through integration of different perspectives. There is no such subject at school. I have consciously chosen to learn these skills since 2008, when I became aware of Nonviolent Communication. Since 2012, I have helped people in conflict can receive support. In 2016, I started to organize international retreats, at first in person, now online. Since its very beginning in 2017 I have been co-creating Nonviolent Global Liberation Apprenticeship Program and Learning Community, where I am a member of the Conflict Engagement, Decision-Making, Resource Flow Teams.

I learned Convergent Facilitation from Miki Kashtan in 2016. For two years I participated in a Convergent Facilitation practice group, where I facilitated many processes. Now I use Convergent Facilitation in supporting groups in decision making, and a simplified version in mediations and daily work with my teams.

I live in Warsaw, Poland. I’m a parent of young kids. I enjoy meeting and working with people from all over the world and being outside in nature.

I offer coaching sessions, mediations, workshops and facilitate meetings at which groups make decisions.

Marcela Descalzi

Functions: Stewarding, Community Support

Languages: English, Spanish

Miki Kashtan

Functions: Developing, Stewarding, Facilitating

Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish,

I developed Convergent Facilitation through trial and error in hundreds of situations I facilitated. I then wrote the book The Highest Common Denominator: Using Convergent Facilitation to Reach Breakthrough Collaborative Decisions, which includes an entire chapter based on the case study of the most extensive application of Convergent Facilitation to date. I taught Convergent Facilitation for several years, and am now happy as a clam that there are enough people who can use Convergent Facilitation as well as teach it so that I can focus my energy elsewhere. The only applications I myself am willing to take are those bringing together multi-stakeholder groups with the intention to address one of the world’s major crises: energy and climate, health, food sovereignty, global disparities and violence, and impending collapse. For everything else, I personally trust any one of the facilitators featured on this website.

Pierre Gos

Functions: Community Support

Languages: English, French

Paul Kahawatte

Functions: Facilitating and Coaching

Languages: English

I am an experienced facilitator, mediator and trainer, focusing on supporting groups through conflict, tricky decision making and the process of developing their systems. My approach is grounded in the deep principles of Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Circles and Convergent Facilitation, along with several other approaches and practices. My work is focused on supporting groups, projects and organisations working for social and ecological justice.

Roni Wiener

Functions: Facilitating and Coaching

Languages: English, Hebrew

I advocate for personal empowerment and social change through coaching, teaching, consulting, and activism. I enjoy sharing my passion and insights in diverse settings and scales, from small groups to large organizations. My life journey includes two decades of consulting focused on transforming collaboration practices, extensive work in technology projects and design, and an interdisciplinary degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Gender Studies. I offer fun and interactive workshops on topics ranging from process improvement and project planning to nonviolence, relationships, and sexual health. At other times, I may be found on the dance floor, at the beach, cuddling, playing games, engaging in deep conversations, writing an unpublished blog, and plotting global liberation. For more information, visit Roni’s website.

Sabine Virani

Functions: Community Support

Languages: English

I live in Norwich, England, where I'm working to establish a food partnership that helps localise our food system based on regenerative, agroecological principles. I'm a member of Norwich FarmShare, our local CSA (community supported agriculture) cooperative, and since 2021, I've been writing a biweekly blog highlighting sessions from the Oxford Real Farming Conference. We grow lots of edible perennials in our home garden. I relate to Joanna Macy's language of the Great Unravelling and the Great Turning, and to Charles Eisenstein's language of the Story of Separation and the Story of Interbeing. I see food systems and Convergent facilitation as two fruitful pathways toward the Great Turning and the Story of Interbeing.

Verene Nicolas

Functions: Facilitating, Coaching, Stewarding

Languages: English, French

For a very long time now, I have been concerned about the state of our planet, who we seem to have become as humans and how we live and work together. Since my early adult life, I have apprenticed in mobilizing my resources to learn and share practical and theoretical knowledge that would address the root causes of social and environmental injustice and help build a nonviolent, collaborative world. One particularly important concern in my life has been to face my privilege, and steward it in various shapes and forms, to support people working alongside poor and/or marginalized communities.

I have had extended exposure to Convergent Facilitation as I have worked closely with Miki since 2011. What I particularly value about it is the orientation towards integration that it gives me, a sharpened ability to listen to noncontroversial statements in many walks of life, and a practical tool to help groups I work with converge towards decision making.